Sunil Menon is like a godfather to me says Chennai’s Supermodel Pradaini Surva!

Exclusive Interview with Pradaini Surva (Pradhayini Sarvothaman) by Cinema Spice Magazine

How did you get interested in the Fashion industry?

This is a pretty attractive industry, and I like to try new things, just for that “been-there-done-that” feeling. But I never really thought I would delve into it. It’s definitely fun I’m hooked to it.

Were you fashion-conscious as a student?

School definitely not. College, well I would say to an extent I was experimental. It is because of experiments that we evolve.

Modelling is a challenging industry. How did you find it during initial days of your career?

Modelling didn’t quite start the typical way for me. I never really got a portfolio done. I still remember I met my first client in person because I had no portfolio [lol] just an impulsive move in to the industry. The credit goes to people around me and the decision was definitely not mine, but yes I’m totally loving this!

The launch of a product with models is any day more interesting than a launch with a boring conference and slide shows!

Pradaini Surva

Do you have a mentor in this industry who has guided you professionally?

Of course I do, but I have had mentors through different stages. I started with Viba [Shoba n Vidya] who met me at an event and told me I should pursue modelling, pumped me with confidence and so I started with them. Sunil Menon, fashion choreographer is like a godfather. His support and encouragement have definitely taken my modelling experience to a different level. Karun Raman, choreographer and a great friend, is someone who makes me feel very important and special in every show I have been a part of. Ganesh Gurung did certainly play a role in teaching me the actual ramp walk.

Fashion shows have become a must for any store or product launch nowadays. Do you think it adds value to the promotional activity?

Absolutely. The launch of a product with models is any day more interesting than a launch with a boring conference and slide shows. Fashion shows are covered by media, people get to see them and they get newspaper coverage too, so the job is done. Simple 🙂

Which brands are you modelling for presently. Any favourite ad campaigns?

Some of my current ad campaigns are GRT, Oriana, Challani Jewellers, Eno, RMKV, Univercell, Style Smith, Naturals parlour, etc.

As a model, how do you satisfy your taste buds, since you are required to be calorie conscious? Working out or a perfect diet plan?

I believe in eating it and burning it. However I would try not to be too silly and stuff myself.

It’s surprising that you are still not into movies. Aren’t you interested?

Movies! It’s a big ocean and requires a lot of dedication and commitment, lots of competition and expectations to meet. It’s like a race. Let’s just say it’s not my thing!

As a Fashion Star, what is your advice for aspiring models?

It’s okay to be a jack of all trades as long as you are the master of fun. If this is your dream, do not hesitate for the fear of others judging you.

Yolo: You only live once, so live it your way! XOXO


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